Nina Volontey

Psychologist / Gestalt-therapist / International mediator

Nina Volontey

Psychologist, psychotherapist, daughter, friend, traveler, cat lover, just a little bit crazy, sometimes though extremely rational. Generally speaking, I can be different, and these are just words to hide the bigger picture behind. Let me tell you why I’m here.

I’ve been looking for myself and my professional path. I’ve traveled, lived in different countries, tried different jobs. There were both lucky choices and not so lucky, but they were mine. The line which connected these dots was constant interest in people. You know, what I love the most in my life is being in contact with a living person.

Sometimes I try to imagine the inner world of another person, sometimes it seems to me that I’ve managed to do it right. Sometimes it doesn’t.

As for me, therapy is the real way of two people meeting. When you can open up yourself, be both close and distant simultaneously. Studying psychotherapy was one of my decisions I’m glad of.

What seems important in therapy for me? Aside from improving the understanding of self and solving work tasks and problems, humanity and live dialog is what I extremely appreciate in therapeutic intercourse. Otherwise we would have used a psychologist robot loaded with few hundred questions and replies.

I treat my clients with care because I know how difficult changes can be. I am against revolutions in terms of therapy, more like a supporter of step-by-step realized changes and thought-out solutions. For me, therapy is personal, and I take the task of keeping you confidential with seriousness.

You can come to me if:
You’re tired, stuck in routine; confused about relationships with close people (children, parents, spouses, friends, coworkers); you’re in constant inner monologue or argument about something; you want changes; feel frightened and anxious; live through death or breaking up with someone important to you; switched environment (moved to another place; changed jobs); or maybe you just feel bad.

Who are my clients?
My every single client is different, there are a lot of aliens and people looking for themselves, their home, their mission. Usually, my clients are more or less interested in their inner world and they way they are. They are people who want to change something or they have already changed it and now they learn to cope with these changes.

I hold my consultations as a psychologist in person (Trubnaya subway station) and via Skype. I’m an accredited Gestalt-therapist of Moscow Gestalt Institute.

Come to me even if you didn’t manage to find your own problem on the list. Together we will come to understand the problem making you anxious or upset.

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