Nina Volontey

Psychologist / Gestalt-therapist / International mediator

International Psychotherapeutic Group in Moscow

International Psychotherapeutic Group in Moscow

Do you live in Russia for a long time?
Do you feel at home?
Is your spouse an expat?
Is your life exactly as you want it to be?
Maybe you are planning to move abroad?

We are creating a psychological group to support people.
It is not a group of problem people. It is a group of people who would like to live their lives with open eyes. When attending the group you will have an opportunity to better see yourself, your needs, and your way to arrange relationships. With time you may want to try new strategies in interactions with group members. And if you like the results, you will use it in your personal life.
Why is it possible?
We are experienced counseling psychologists, and our task will be to create a safe and comfortable environment in the group. We will use our skills to help you cooperate with each other, to see how you connect with different people, what you do to stay in relationship and in what circumstances you tend to hide.

Group is open for:

Expats living in Moscow
For local people who has a foreigner spouse
For local people who are planning to move abroad

Who are the therapists?

Ekaterina Zalota – a counseling psychologist, gestalt therapist, holds expertise in early middle life crisis, leads female psychological reset program. Has strong business background in management consulting, media business, creates and conducts trainings for corporations.
Nina Volontey – a gestalt therapist, a counseling psychologist, international mediator. Has wide experience of work with expats in Poland and Russia.


  • Group will start on 5th of September 2016. We will meet weekly on Mondays from 19:00 to 22:00
  • Preliminary 15 minutes Skype interview with one of the therapists is necessary before entering the group. Maximum number of members 10.
  • The fee is 2000 RUB.
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